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Unlock your business and personal success with us

Success is 99% an inside job. At Templestone, We have decided to put our minds to work, creating value through cultivating a meaningful success mindset.

We believe that dedication, application, patience, respect and the investment of both time and effort are key elements for creating success, and our group of companies has flourished thanks to our focus on this very strict set of values.

In a world where emphasis on profits alone often causes hard work and customer satisfaction to go by the wayside, we think we are different: we base our actions on the four pillars of  life–Relationships, Work and Providership, Health and Holistic Development–and, as a result, our clients’ fortunes have prospered in tandem with ours.

We welcome you to experience the Templestone difference. Let’s navigate the great waves of change that are coming to our world together.


Our Services :

-Investment Properties
-Distressed Assets
-Single Family Homes
-Multi-Unit Properties
-Commercial Land and Properties
-Property Management
-Property Preservation
-RE Portfolio Management
-Tax Certificates
-Real Estate Brokerage
-Renovation, Rehab and Property Maintenance
-Financial analysis and reporting
-Company creation and registration
-Legal Advice through our in-house attorneys
-Accounting Services through Affiliated Firms