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Senior and Corporate Investors

Are you a veteran or professional investor looking for larger investment opportunities? Templestone has unique relationships with investment funds and banks that hold large residential and multi-family home packages, bulk sales, and a variety of commercial real estate properties, that includes retail, office, hospitality, industrial and land.

For senior or commercial investors we select only well priced properties with solid value and a high potential for profit. Are you interested in apartment buildings and other commercial real estate, or in buying land that can be developed? Do you want to own hotel properties, become a landlord, or would you rather restore and resell properties? Our experts select properties that fit specific business models and defined investment strategies. Throughout the process we ensure that the properties that we make available come at a high discount off the true market value, provides stable cash-flow, and have potentially strong resale value.

To better select a property that fits an income model and financial goals, clients are made aware of the estimated return on investment and market characteristics associated with the purchase. Properties are also categorized in different levels of investment criteria and percentages of return. All types of considerations are taken into account, catering to different types of financial strategies and objectives. Ultimately, investors are able to quantify solid projections of potential returns and make more confident investment decisions.

For every property that we provide:
Full due diligence period
Professional property audits performed by licensed inspectors
Site tours conducted for all assets
Comprehensive information
Managed site visits
Buyers pre qualified prior to closing