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Personal Investments

In today’s changing economic landscape, investments in tangible assets such as real state are a way to preserve value in spite of any market fluctuations. As a result of the financial situation in the US, banks became owners of vast amount of properties that they are now selling off. When acquired at the right price, these properties can become an extremely profitable venture and a very good alternative to other forms of investment.

Since not all investment properties are the same, it’s important to determine what type of property fits your strategy. Ultimately the goal, is to get the right rental properties at the lowest price to the investment profitable. At Templestone we are creating innovating, transforming and simplifying the way personal investors connect with the right properties and make purchasing decisions. First, through our close relationships with financial institutions, we pre-select only well priced properties so that its purchase possesses inherent value, is innately profitable, provides stable cash-flow, and potentially has a good resale value.  Second, when you select the property, you are made aware of the potential estimated return on investment and the level of risk associated with its purchase. To make this task simple, we have sorted the inventory in different investment categories that match various levels of returns. This allows us to cater to different types of investments and financial objectives even in same city.

For personal investments, there are three categories:

  • Areas in markets that are beginning to recover
  • Strong likelihood of exceeding financial targets
  • Significant probability of even higher profits after flip
  • Requires holding the property longest for a very high resale value
  • Areas in markets that are recovering
  • Likelihood of exceeding financial targets
  • Probability of even higher profits after flip
  • Requires holding the property a short time for a profitable resale value
  • Areas in markets that have recovered
  • Conservative financial targets will be met
  • Probability of small additional profits after flip
  • No holding period required but resale gains limited due to saturated and highly speculative locations

Lastly, for most properties that we offer, have calculated the estimated net return on investment, and the cost per square meter. This facilitates decisions, allowing clients to draw comparisons with markets they clients know and understand, and providing  estimates of potential returns of the complete investment strategy.

Our investment opportunities start at only 40k which allows even first-time real-estate investors to start reaping the benefits of investing in residential housing.

For every property we also offer:
Full due diligence period
Professional property audits performed by licensed inspectors
Site tours conducted for all assets
Comprehensive information
Managed site visits

The management of our Cashflow properties are handled by one of our property partners, that focus on providing a really great service to real estate investors and an even better experience for tenant. Click here if you want to learn about the property management services available to our investors.

As always you can contact any of our advisors for further clarification and support in choosing the right investment that suits your financial objectives.


If you are looking to invest amounts over 700k we also offer .

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