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#Greenmagichomes coming to Marietta, Ga

09/27/2016 – Introduction to Green Magic Homes from our CEO

As some of you may already know, Templestone became the exclusive distributor of the #greenmagichomes for Georgia, Alabama and Florida, with a possible extension to North and South Carolina in the next coming months.

We are proud to announce that we have purchased more than 7000 sqft of offices and warehouse space in the heart of the city of #Marietta GA. Being close to Atlanta is definitely a plus for us.

Going green is in our point of view a necessity to envision a better future for the community.
It all came with a very simple realization, we love Georgia, and most of us actually moved to the Peach State, from NYC, Europe, or Miami, because Atlanta is still the leafiest city in America. It is Green, gorgeous and a great place to raise children. However, like any other fast-developing areas, builders and developers recently had a tendency to overbuild, and in the process, to cut trees at a very fast pace for their ongoing developments. We think it is sad to see our environment being tempered with that way.

In addition, current architectural and construction tendencies are far from being energy efficient, still require a lot of regular maintenance…
Real estate prices are going up in our country, and with a 30 year mortgage to pay off a traditional home, we need to simply understand that we are leaving our kids just more debt and deferred maintenance to deal with.

The innovation with the Green Magic Homes, is that they are built to last, sharply cheaper than a traditional home, and that as an earth-sheltered home, it is way more energy efficient than any other type of construction and seriously looking nicer (ok maybe we are biased…)

If the environmental impact is clearly our first priority, cost is our second, we believe that families in this country should have more residual income while paying off a mortgage a faster pace.


We believe that design, sustainability, energy efficiency and low cost are key issues shaping the future of housing in this country.

In the next coming weeks, we will be building a model home right in front of our warehouse in Downtown Marietta, for everyone to see, and to raise awareness on the new types of constructions available in the 21st century.

We strongly believe we can contribute to improve the health of our planet, to make people proud of their home, and aware of the need to reduce our imprint on earth in order to leave a healthy planet for the next generations to come.

Let’s make that dream become a reality ! The GreenMagicHomes posts have been acclaimed with more than 20 million views on social media, and we now intend to make them a reality in the USA and beyond our borders.

Here is the video posted by ScienceNaturePage on Facebook, it is really well done, so we had to share it :


“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson



144 South Avenue SE, Marietta GA


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