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Now you an offer your existing clients great deals in off-market residential and commercial cash-flowing properties. At Templestone we have a very simple approach: Find quality assets, make prospective buyers aware of their availability through world-class marketing, and a state-of-the-art online marketplace.

Templestone partners with brokers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Our team of experts is constantly looking for the best individual properties with the highest returns available in the country. We issue weekly lists with the available inventory of investment properties. We also issue monthly information digests about new market opportunities

If you are a first time seller of investment properties, our valuable insight can help you set standards for client’s portfolios, find additional markets to build net worth through buying & holding, and fully understanding all the components of managing property portfolios in the United States. If you or your client decides to buy, you will receive the commission as standardized in the USA real estate practices. An active real estate license in any state is sufficient for payout.

For foreign brokers, we can assist in setting the framework for an investment in USA real estate, fulfilling the due diligence process, and coordinating all closings with the appropriate parties to ensure a speedy sale. If your client is purchasing on our online system, they must identify you for the property of interest along with the letter of intent before the purchase of the property. Agents and brokers must provide a completed Participation Form and IRS Form W-9 to the escrow/closing agent prior to closing. All buyers will be pre-qualified prior to closing.

Enjoy the benefits of partnering with an industry leader and the opportunity to offer your clients the best value.

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